Hello, friends! Earlier this week my daughter Rylee asked if we could make pumpkins into fairy houses, and I just couldn't say no! In fact, I was actually a little excited because how often as adults do we get to just step back and take a break and spend time acting like a kid! Trust me it's good for the soul! I got to take an hour break from life and spend that time with my little bestie. Just being in that moment truly meant the world to me. 

These pumpkins were so fun and EASY to do! The best part, most of the items used you can find already in your home or yard! BUT if you want to be a little extra Hobby Lobby has a great selection of items you can use to create the fairy house pumpkin of your dreams and for cheap! 

We started off at Hobby Lobby gathering up all the little extras we could use to spice up our fairy homes and, in all honesty, we probably went a little overboard! Below is our little haul! The best part about these pumpkins is you can decorate them to your liking/style! Have fun with it and get creative!

After gathering up all your items and picking out the perfect pumpkins we got straight to work carving up our pumpkins! After cleaning out the inside of our pumpkins we sketched out how we wanted the front of our houses to look with a pen and began carving them out. Lining the inside of the windows with twigs gave these pumpkins that special touch! Add as many doors, windows and designs as you like! The more the better as it adds a unique touch to your fairy houses!

Once your finished find a place to display your fairy homes! Use extra pumpkins or risers to create height in your display. Moss, grass, twigs etc. add a whimsical touch also! The more the better!

Before you add the decoration to the top of the pumpkins add your battery-operated tea lights! Then decorate the tops to your liking.


Now you have your very own magical pumpkin fairy houses! Hopefully a fairy or two will find their way into their new home! That's what we're hoping for anyway! 

We hope you and your kids love this DIY as much as we did! For any questions shoot us an email or hit the chat button in the bottom of the screen and we will get back to you asap!

Happy Fall!